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Economic freedom is the foundation of independence. With CatalanBit you can show your Catalonian pride by using a 100% secure cryptocurrency to make the necessary progress to replace Eur and different currencies and use only CATLN money with greater security, and privacy. Join CatalanBit today, and take another step towards a free and independent Catalonia!


What is CatalanBit

Safe, secure, and easy to use, Catalan Bit, an open-source cryptocurrency that embodies the unbreakable spirit of the Catalonian people. As the #1 digital coin of Catalonia, CatalanBit gives you the economic freedom to make online purchases with the push of a button with absolute privacy, and without the need for official currency.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Using CatalanBit is simple, convenient, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Whether you're new to cryptocurrency, or have been using it for years, CatalanBit will be your best cryptocurrency experience by far.

Secure & Modern

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, CatalanBit allows you to make online purchases without being monitored, recorded, or tracked. Your privacy is essential, and a big part of providing Catalonia with a foundation for economic freedom.

Unparalleled Support

Taking pride in one's heritage, and one's work, is important. That's why you will be provided with an exceptional customer service experience. If you ever have any questions, problems, or issues with CatalanBit, a friendly customer service team is standing by to do whatever it takes to make things right.

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CatalanBit: Building a Foundation of Economic Freedom for Future Generations Through the Power of


CatalanBit isn't just about providing you with a safe, secure, and convenient way to make online purchases, it's about laying the foundation for the economic freedom of Catalonia. Future generations are counting on the people of today to pave the way for the independence, and with CatalaBit you can help give your children, and your children's children, the freedom they deserve using the power of open-sourcecryptocurrency.

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The CatalanBit Network

As an open-source cryptocurrency, CatalanBit is mineable through the CatalanBit Network. Due to the decentralized nature of the network, CatalanBit isn't "owned" by anyone, or any organization. Instead CatalanBit functions as a social coin that belongs to the people of Catalonia, helping to create a foundation of economic freedom, and independence.


CatalanBit proudly supports Catalonian based businesses! Through the power of open-source cryptocurrency, you get new ways to reach out to customers, clients, and partners, allowing you to boost your profitable revenue, build your brand, and grow your business.


With CatalanBit, you enjoy the freedom of being able to make online purchases from your mobile device with the touch of a button. You can make purchases both in Catalonia, and other rolex replicas countries where cryptocurrencies are accepted. It's 100% safe, secure, and easy to use!

NAME BitCoin Catalan Bit BitCoin Cash
Total Coins 21 Million 100 Million 21 Million
Energy Consumption >30TWh yearly <0.01 TWh Yearly >5TWh yearly
Block Time 10 Minutes 1 Minute 10 S - 2 H
Block Reward 12.5 BTC 77 CAT 12.5 BCH
PoW Algorithm SHA256 X13 SHA256
Mining Hardware ASIC CPU/GPU ASIC
Block Size (Actual) 1M (2-4M) 1M 8M (8M)
Difficulty Adjustment 2 Weeks Every block 2 Weeks + EDA
Replay Protection Yes Yes No
Unique Address Format No Yes Yes

Show Your Catalonian Pride by Joining CatalanBit Today!

CatalanBit was developed by successful entrepreneur and business woman Caterina to help lay the foundation for Catalonia's economic freedom. With CatalanBit you get access to giveaways, guides, tutorials, marketing, support, and more!

Join CatalanBit today, and show the world the unbreakable spirit of Catalonia as everyone comes together, and works towardsa future of liberty, freedom and independence!

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