About Us

The next big thing in the world of cryptocurrency - CatalanBit. But wait, what is it all about exactly?

CatalanBit is founded to aid Catalan residents achieve financialindependence through establishing a new currency system that is especially tailored to suit the needs of the growing populace. Catalonia as it is now is a booming industrialized region, adding this unique system into play will help build a stronger community, an exclusive use of its currency, and a self-determining economy.

CatalanBit exists to accommodate and dispel most (if not all) financial worries you have -the solution to economical anxiety. Cryptocurrency grants you the freedom to take control over your finances and break free from the shackles ofEuro.The best thing about CatalanBit is that it is not owned by anyone. It is an open-source that exists to serve everyone who wants to take part in it. Get toavail this one of a kind opportunity to use paperless transactions and safeguard your finances now!

What is CatalanBit

Safe, secure, and easy to use, Catalan Bit, an open-source cryptocurrency that embodies the unbreakable spirit of the Catalonian people. As the #1 digital coin of Catalonia, CatalanBit gives you the economic freedom to make online purchases with the push of a button with absolute privacy, and without the need for official currency.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Using CatalanBit is simple, convenient, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Whether you're new to cryptocurrency, or have been using it for years, CatalanBit will be your best cryptocurrency experience by far.

Secure & Modern

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, CatalanBit allows you to make online purchases (supported websites will be published) without being monitored, recorded, or tracked. Your privacy is essential, and a big part of providing Catalonia with a foundation for economic freedom.

Unparalleled Support

Taking pride in one's heritage, and one's work, is important. That's why you will be provided with an exceptional customer service experience. If you ever have any questions, problems, or issues with CatalanBit, a friendly customer service team is standing by to do whatever it takes to make things right.